9 Ways to improve gaming performance on android

Gaming is one of the most popular activities that people spend a lot of time playing on their smartphones as It can be a great source of entertainment. However, some of the most popular games like Fortnite and PUBG can be pretty demanding when it comes to device performance.

Whether you’re playing a single-player game, or you’re playing multiplayer with friends, the issue of poor performance is always present. There are a lot of factors that can impact the performance of your Android device, from the quality of your processor to the memory and storage capacity of your phone. 

So, if you are getting trouble playing your favorite games and wondering what you can do to improve your gaming experience, this blog post has covered you.

In this blog post, we will discuss some of the key steps you can take to improve gaming performance on Android. From uninstalling unnecessary apps to adjusting display settings, following these tips and tricks can help you get the most out of your android device.

#1. Use a faster internet connection

One of the best ways to improve gaming performance on Android devices is to use a faster and more reliable internet connection. This can be done by switching to a higher-speed internet plan or upgrading to a better router. This will ensure that you have a strong and stable connection when playing your favorite games, resulting in improved performance and a better gaming experience. 

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#2. Free up memory space

This can be done by uninstalling apps that you don’t use anymore, deleting any unnecessary files, and clearing the cache. This will help improve the performance of the device and provide more free memory for gaming. 

#3. Settings for the smooth gaming experience

This can be done by turning off background processes and applications, lowering the display resolution, and disabling animations and other visual effects. You can also turn off automatic updates when playing games. 

You can also boost performance by reducing the resolution or frame rate of your games. This will require you to make a trade-off between graphics and speed, but it will help to ensure the smoothest gaming experience. 

#4. Use a game booster app

Most of the game booster apps are free and can be found in the Google Play Store. They help to optimize your device’s performance by closing background apps, freeing up RAM, clearing the cache, etc. 

Additionally, some game booster apps are able to adjust the device’s GPU and CPU frequency, as well as other settings, to ensure smooth gaming performance. 

#5. Use up-to-date OS

You should always make sure that your device is running the latest version of Android. Newer versions of Android often contain fixes and optimizations that can improve gaming performance.

To determine if you need to upgrade, open your device’s settings menu and check for a software update. If one is available, follow the instructions provided by your device’s manufacturer to complete the update. 

#6. Optimize screen refresh rate

The refresh rate of the screen can have a big impact on gaming performance. Most phones come with a standard refresh rate of 60Hz. However, some Android phones come with higher refresh rates such as 90Hz and 120Hz. Higher refresh rates result in smoother animations, which can enhance the gaming experience. To increase the refresh rate, you should go to the display settings of your device and select the higher refresh rate option. 

#7. Limit background app activities

Apps that are running in the background can take up system resources, leaving fewer for the game you are playing. Therefore, it is important to limit the activity of background apps to free up the resource for your game. 

To limit background app activity, go to App Settings and simply turn off the app from running in the background while you are playing your Favourite game.

#8. Turn off notifications

This is the most frustrating moment while you are playing your favorite game and a notification pop-up causes lag.

Notifications from other apps can significantly affect gaming performance as they also use resources on your phone. Therefore, disable them while gaming on your Android device. You may also customize which notifications you receive, so you can receive only the most important ones.

#9. Use Gaming Accessories for a better experience

Using gaming accessories can also help improve gaming performance on Android. For example, if you’re playing a racing game, investing in a steering wheel can help you gain better control over your vehicle and have a more realistic gaming experience. Additionally, if you’re playing a shooter, investing in a joystick can help you aim better and increase your accuracy. 

There are also gaming controllers available that connect to your smartphone or tablet. These controllers give you the same control and feel as a console and are compatible with most Android games.


The best way to optimize your game performance is to first ensure that your device meets the minimum requirements for the game you are playing. This includes ensuring that your phone or tablet has Higher RAM and enough internal storage. However, if you are having issues with the game crashing or the screen freezing, you can always try the above solutions.

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