How to see someone’s Facebook profile if they have blocked you

Facebook is an amazing tool to stay connected with your loved one. It allows you to stay connected with your friends or family in many ways such as through messaging, commenting, liking posts, etc.  It also provides your options to block someone and completely restrict them from contacting you in any way. 

But what if you want to view the profile of someone who has blocked you? It can be upsetting and frustrating, especially if the person was a close friend or family member. Fortunately, there are still ways to see your blocked contact’s Facebook profile if you know how to do it correctly. In this article, we will offer five tips on how to successfully view a blocked Facebook profile even when access is restricted.

Quick Answer

To see someone’s Facebook profile if they have blocked you, you can use a mutual friend’s account, create a new account and befriend the person, find their profile link through Google search, or ask the person to unblock you. When all else fails, remember that it is never a good idea to force yourself into someone’s life if they don’t want you in it. Respect their wishes and move forward with your own life. 

#1. Viewing blocked contact Profile when you know the URL

If you know the exact URL of the blocked profile, then you can easily view the blocked person’s profile by just pasting the URL in the address bar. The profile URL seems like or This method works if someone had blocked you on Facebook and they don’t have changed the URL of their profile. Also, make sure to log out of your Facebook account and explore the URL of the contact you want to view the profile. 

#2. Check from Friends of Friends Facebook account

If you have a friend who is friends with the person who has blocked you, you can visit their profile and check that person’s profile from there. 

#3. Check from your new Facebook account

This is another easiest way to view someone’s profile if they have blocked you. However, having multiple Facebook accounts is against the policy, you can easily watch the profile of the person who has blocked you through a new Facebook account. 

Open your new Facebook account and search for the contact name, then you can see all the content that they have set to the public. 

Always note that if their profile is set to “private”, or if they have set their profile only to be visible to their Friends then you won’t be able to access their profile content. 

#3. Find them from Google search

It is possible that if the person has allowed their profile to be indexed in the search engine, then you may find their profile in the search results. Simply type their name and perform a Google search. You can then click on the profile and view their posts and profile information that is public. In this case, make sure to keep your account logged out or keep logged in to another Facebook account than the blocked account. 

#4. Ask them to unblock you

If you think you can convince the person to unblock you, you can try to contact them and ask them to unblock you. Make sure you clearly explain why you want to be unblocked, and show them that you are respectful and understanding. If they are willing to unblock you, this will be the easiest and quickest way for you to see their profile.

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That was all about how to see someone’s Facebook profile if they have blocked you.

Which method do you prefer when you want to view the profile of the person who has blocked you? Feel free to share with us in the comments.

Happy Facebooking…

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