7 Best Youtube Alternatives For Content Creators & Consumers

YouTube has been the go-to place for content creators and viewers since its launch in 2005. However, It is not the only option available, as there are several good Youtube alternatives that provide similar features and benefits. 

This article will explore some of the top recommended platforms for those looking for a change of pace from YouTube. We’ll look at the features of each platform, their user base, and how they compare to each other and to YouTube.

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Why should you look for an alternative to Youtube?

  • For better features: If you’re looking for a platform that offers more features, such as better video quality, more options for monetization, or better tools for creating videos, you may want to consider other alternatives. 
  • To reach more audience: If you are a content creator, it’s obvious that you want more people to watch your videos. And this is only possible if you find other channels to share your videos. This way, finding Youtube alternatives will help you spread your video content to a wide range of audience.  
  • For better income: Youtube has been known to demonetize content creators, which can be extremely damaging to their ability to make an income. By searching for an alternative to Youtube, you could find a platform that is more open to content creators and allows them to make a living without fear of censorship or demonetization.
  • Vulgarity: YouTube is not a particularly family-friendly website, as it is rife with videos featuring offensive language and themes. This can be dangerous for younger viewers, as they may be exposed to inappropriate material. 

Best Youtube Alternatives For Content Creators & Consumers

Let’s explore some of the best video hosting sites and how they can be the best alternatives to Youtube. 

#1. Tiktok

  • Launched Year: 2016
  • Available for: Android, iOS and Web
  • Monthly active users: 1 Billion
  • Best for: Create and share short-form mobile videos.

Tiktok is a great alternative for content creators and viewers to watch and share short-form videos. It is a popular video-sharing platform among younger audiences as it allows them to create and share fun videos, such as lip-sync videos, comedy sketches, dance videos, educational content, and more. Tiktok also has several features such as editing tools, filters, music and sound effects, and the ability to add different effects to videos. It’s a great platform for content creators to showcase their creativity and for viewers to watch and enjoy interesting videos.

Tiktok - Best youtube alternative


For CreatorsFor Consumers
– Reach a Wider Audience
– Easy Editing Tools
– Earn Money with Ads and sponsorship
– Leveraging Trends & Challenges
– Collaborate with Other Creators
– Entertainment on Demand
– Discover New Talents
– Connect with Friends
– Easy to Use Interface


For CreatorsFor Consumers
– Time Commitment
– Algorithm Challenges
– Limited Monetization Options
– Copyright Issues
– Negative Feedback & Responses
– Quality Content Competition
– Unsolicited Ads and Marketing
– Age-Inappropriate Content
– Cyberbullying & Harassment
– Privacy Concerns
– Addiction
– Time Wasting

#2. Facebook Watch

  • Launched Year: 2017
  • Available for: Android, iOS, Mac OS, Linux and Windows
  • Best for: Upload videos right to your target audience or enjoy watching your favourite shows.

Facebook has recently added a “Watch” section inside its platform where content creators can easily upload their videos and viewers can watch them for free.  It offers a wide range of shows, including news, sports, lifestyle programming, and more. The platform also offers a personalized experience, allowing users to follow their favourite shows and easily find new content. Additionally, creators can monetize their videos on the platform and make money from their content. This makes it a great alternative for content creators who are looking to make some extra money.

Facebook watch - Best alternative to youtube


For CreatorsFor Consumers
– Increase Your Reach
– Connect with Your Audience
– Generate Revenue
– Content Distribution Opportunities
– Grow Your Brand
– Free Entertainment
– Interactivity with creators
– Personalized Content
– Quality Content for Everyone
– Unique Video Experiences


For CreatorsFor Consumers
– Limited Reach Potential
– Unfavourable Algorithms
– Excessive Copyright Claims
– Poor Audience Retention
– Lack of Analytics Tools 
– Ads and Interruptions
– Limited Content Availability 
– Unfamiliar Interface 

#3. Dailymotion

  • Launched Year: 2005
  • Available for: Android, iOS and Web
  • Monthly active users: 300 Million
  • Best for: Upload, share, and watch videos with ease.

Dailymotion is another popular video-sharing website and is an excellent alternative to YouTube. It boasts a strong library of videos and offers monetization options for content creators by displaying the advertisements on the video. 

For viewers, Dailymotion features a wide variety of content in different genres, so there’s something for everyone. Plus, the platform has a user-friendly interface, which makes it easy to find the videos that you’re looking for.

Dailymotion - alternative to youtube


For CreatorsFor Consumers
– Reach a Wider Audience
– Increase Engagement
-Increase Monetization Opportunities
– Receive Professional Support
– Create Video Content Easily
– Access to Free Content
– Variety of Content
– Quality User Experience
– Easy Navigation
– Community Interaction
– High-Resolution Video Streaming


For CreatorsFor Consumers
– Low Payment Models
– Difficult Interface to Navigate
– Limited Community Engagement
– Complicated Copyright Guidelines 
– Poor Analytics/Insights 
– Limited Content Selection
– Ads and Pop-ups
– Poor Search Functionality 
– Lack of User Engagement

#4. Vimeo

  • Launched Year: 2004
  • Available for: Mac OS, Android, iOS and Web
  • Monthly active users: 170 Million
  • Best for:  Video solutions to businesses for their internal communications and marketing needs

Vimeo is one of the most popular video-sharing websites and is often considered to be a more professional alternative to YouTube. It offers a high-quality streaming experience and also provides creators with a variety of tools for creating and editing videos. It has a few advantages over YouTube, including the fact that it does not have any ads (which can be a distraction if you are watching or creating content).  Vimeo also offers different plans depending on how frequently you create content and how much you need in terms of storage and other features. 

Vimeo - Best youtube alternative


For CreatorsFor Consumers
– Access to Professional Quality Video Hosting
– Built-in Audience for Content Distribution
– Comprehensive Video Analytics and Insights
– Versatile Embedding Options for Websites and Social Media
– Streamlined Collaboration Tools for Creators
– Effortless Video Streaming
– High-Quality Content
– Tailored User Experience
– Access to Professional Content Creators 


For CreatorsFor Consumers
– Struggles with Uploading
– Cost of Pro Subscription
– Limited Reach than other alternatives
– Limited Platform Accessibility
– Lack of Engagement Features
– Limited Content Variety
– Complicated Interface than other video platforms

#5. IGTV

  • Launched Year: 2018
  • Available for: Android, iOS and Web
  • Best for: Share and explore how-tos, behind the scenes, story features and more.

IG TV is part of the popular social media platform Instagram, so you will not need to set up an extra account to share videos or explore content from your favourite artist. It allows users to upload videos between 15 seconds and 60 minutes in length. This can be an attractive option for content creators as it offers them greater flexibility in the type of content they create. Additionally, IGTV is an excellent option for viewers as it offers a wide variety of videos and content all in one place.

IGTV - alternative to youtube


For CreatorsFor Consumers
– Increase Reach and Engagement
– Create Longer Form Content
– Easily Accessible for Viewers
– Brand Building Opportunities
– Cost-Effective Platform
– Unique Video-Sharing Experience
– Variety of Content
– Uninterrupted Viewing Experience
– Easy Navigation and Accessibility 
– Connecting with Influencers and Brands 


For CreatorsFor Consumers
– Length Restrictions 
– Lack of Monetization Options 
– Difficulty Measuring Engagement 
– Poor Discoverability

#6. Twitch

  • Launched Year: 2011
  • Available for: Windows, Android, iOS and Web
  • Monthly active users: 8.5 Million
  • Best for:  Video-game broadcasting and viewing.

Twitch is a popular streaming platform that is specifically geared towards gamers. It also allows viewers to comment and interact with the content creators. It is a great platform for content creators because it offers a wide variety of monetization options, including subscriptions and donations. It also provides content creators with analytics and insights, so they can track their progress and make informed decisions about the content they create. For viewers, Twitch offers a wide variety of content, from gaming to music to art. It also offers an easy-to-use search function, so viewers can easily find the content they are looking for.

Twitch - best alternative to youtube


For CreatorsFor Consumers
– Increased Engagement with Fans
– Ability to Monetize Content
– Networking Opportunities for Creators
– Variety of Stream Options
– Easy Setup Process
– Access to Analytics and Insights
– Access to Live Content
– Interactivity with Streamers
– Variety of Genres Available
– Channels for Every Interest
– Rewards and Bonuses


For CreatorsFor Consumers
– Lack of Control over Viewer Interaction
– Difficulty Managing a Large Audience
– Unclear Guidelines for Avoiding Copyright Infringement
– Technical Difficulties with Streams 
– Unfavorable Revenue Splits 
– Vulnerable to Stream Sniping
– Lack of Moderation
– Poor Quality Streams 

#7. DTube

  • Launched Year: 2016
  • Available for: Android and Web
  • Best for: More creative freedom.

DTube is a decentralized platform that is built on top of the Steem blockchain, and hence its videos are stored on a decentralized IPFS. It makes use of the same basic idea as YouTube but is committed to providing a more transparent and secure platform for both viewers and content creators. 

It gives content creators the ability to earn rewards in the form of STEEM tokens, which can be exchanged for real money. For viewers, DTube offers an interesting way to discover new content from talented creators. DTube also has a vibrant community of users who interact with each other, so it’s a great way to get involved in online conversations around video content.

Dtube - alternative to youtube


For CreatorsFor Consumers
– Easy Monetization Opportunities
– Visibility Through Trending Content
– Substantial Rewards for Quality Content
– Enhanced Community Engagement
– Improved Privacy
– Richer Content Variety
– Easier Content Discovery 


For CreatorsFor Consumers
– Unpredictable Algorithm
– Limited Promotion Opportunities
– Legal & Copyright Limitations
– Low Financial Rewards
– Limited Video Content
– Poor User Interface
– Low-Quality Content
– Lack of Organization

What is the best alternative to Youtube?

Any of the above-mentioned platforms such as Tiktok, Facebook Watch, IGTV, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Twitch, and DTube can become your best YouTube alternative. While choosing one, make sure to ask yourself why you are looking for alternatives to Youtube, Explore each platform and verify whether it has the thing you are looking for, Check the advantages and disadvantages of each platform and finally decide which one suits you. 

Happy Streaming…

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