33 Most Useful Youtube Shortcut Keys You Should Know

Youtube is a platform that allows users to watch and share videos online. It has become one of the most popular video websites in the world, with millions of people watching videos daily. With the growing popularity of YouTube and its multitude of uses, many users are looking for ways to make their viewing experience more efficient. 

If you want to take your YouTube viewing game to the next level, then familiarizing yourself with some of the youtube shortcut keys is a great place to start. From normal tasks such as playing or pausing to skipping ahead quickly or reaching the desired point, these shortcut keys allow you to navigate YouTube quickly and conveniently.

In this blog post, I have mentioned all of the available Youtube shortcut keys that you can easily memorize and power up your youtube viewing experience. 

Now, let’s dive into it.

Most Useful Youtube Shortcut Keys

Most Useful Youtube Keyboard ShortcutsFunction
SpacebarPause or Play the YouTube Video.
KPlay or Pause in the Youtube video player. This key does the same function as Spacebar does.
MMute or Unmute the Youtube video.
Left arrow keySeek backward 5 seconds
Right arrow keySeek forward 5 seconds
JSeek backward 10 seconds
LSeek forward 10 seconds
>Speed up the video Playback speed
<Speed down the video playback speed
Home KeySeek to the beginning of the video
End KeySeek to the end of the video
/Go to the Youtube search box
Up arrow keyIncrease the volume by 5%
Down arrow keyDecrease the volume by 5%
FActivate the full-screen mode
Esc buttonTo exit the full-screen mode
CShow or Hide closed captions and subtitles if available.
Shift+NMove to the next video of the Playlist or the Next youtube recommended video.
Shift+PMove to the previous video of the playlist.
iTurn on/off mini-player
TTurn on/off Theater mode

Use of Numbers 0-9 as Youtube shortcuts

You can also use the numbers 0-9 as a Youtube shortcut. These keys are used to seek 0%-90% of the video. This means When you Press 0 (Zero), Video will start playing from the beginning and when you Press 9, It will take you to the 90th percent area of the video. This way, If the video is of 180 Seconds and you press the key 6, you will reach the 108th second of the video. The table below will give you more idea about it.

Youtube Shortcut keysFunction
Number 0Play the Youtube video from the beginning
Number 1Seek to the 10% of the video
Number 2Seek to the 20% of the video
Number 3Seek to the 30% of the video
Number 4Seek to the 40% of the video
Number 5Seek to the 50% of the video
Number 6Seek to the 60% of the video
Number 7Seek to the 70% of the video
Number 8Seek to the 80% of the video
Number 9Seek to the 90% of the video

Two Magical Youtube Secret Shortcut Keys Nobody knows

If you have not ever used Full-stop (.) and Comma (,) shortcut keys in youtube player, you might be now shocked by knowing their function. 

We all have come through a situation where we needed to take a snapshot of a certain part of the video or noticed something abnormal in the video and wanted to confirm it. For this, we used to play the video from a little back and get ready to hit the pause button as soon as we reached the desired point. This used to take us 5/7 attempts to catch the actual point we needed. 

  • By using the Dot (.) key in the Youtube player, you can move to the next frame of the video, where 1 Second Youtube video contains 24 frames. This means when you Pause the video and Press Full-stop (.) once, you will reach the next 1/24 part of the current Second or 41.67 milliseconds forward. Likewise, when you press the dot (.) twice, you will reach the 2/24 part of the current second, and so on. This way you can watch the 1 second Youtube video by dividing it into 24 parts. 
  • Similarly, Comma (,) will move to the previous frame of the video.

Note: To make these keys work, make sure to Pause the video.

Some keyboard comes with the media control buttons such as Play/Pause, Forward/Backward, Next/Prev, Mute/Unmute, and Volume controller buttons. In this case, you may have the choice to use those keys or Youtube short keys mentioned above in the list.

Which shortcut key do you use the most while playing youtube videos? Feel free to share with us via comments.

Youtube Fun Fact – “U Youtube” & “You You Youtube

YouTube is the second largest social network in the world with more than 2.5 billion users. And among those users, there are some people who know YouTube as “U Youtube” or “You You Tube”. According to Semrush’s keyword search volume data, the term “U Youtube” is searched 22.5 K times per month on the Google search engine, of which 9.9k searches occur within India and the rest in other countries.

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